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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What does it mean?

Roses have had meaning since the dawn of time. Roses can sometimes say more than thousand words. The beautiful rose has always been attributed deeper meanings and used to deliver messages between lovers and friends. The true meaning of rose colors is still not forgotten, even though many of us speak only a fraction of that rich language developed long ago. Why not enhance your vocabulary and start sending your loved ones affectionate messages in the form of beautiful roses

Red - romantic love.

Purple - love at first sight.

Orange – desire, enthusiasm and eagerness.

Yellow - joy and friendship.

Pink - express gratitude and appreciation.

Light pink - feelings of admiration and sympathy.

Peach - sympathy or gratitude.

White - reverence and humility.

Black - death and new beginnings.

Green - fertility and fruitfulness.

Peach - something has gone well, a deal has been reached.
- mystery.